State regulations for cannabis testing all have one thing in common – they’re working to keep cannabis safe and effective for those who are using it medicinally or recreationally. While hemp products are less regulated at the state level, and only federally required to be tested for THC content, third-party testing can be a necessary step for those companies wanting to differentiate themselves. With consumers becoming more savvy, selective, and educated, producers and manufacturers increasingly need to rely on third-party testing to help their products stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Why is Third-Party Testing Important?

First and foremost, using a third-party testing facility means you are providing safe, quality products to customers. The products have been tested for efficacy as well as potential harmful contaminants. As a provider, you can be secure in that knowledge.

Allowing an outside organization to test your products also gives hemp companies a tremendous amount of credibility in a thoroughly saturated marketplace. This is an excellent way for it to set itself apart from its closest competitors. Hemp or CBD companies that subject their products to an analysis by a third-party lab also reap a wide range of marketing and sales rewards. Not only can you promote yourselves as a third-party-reviewed company, but you can display the Certificate of Analysis lab results for each product you sell, reassuring customers that they are getting exactly what they are paying for.

For cannabis companies, a third-party lab can help them identify specific attributes of their products that consumers are likely to identify – like specific terpenes, cannabinoid profiles, or percentage of THC.

High-quality third-party testing is a sign of value and integrity. Any company that takes the time, energy, and expense to produce a quality product should want to confirm this in a publicly transparent manner. At present, third-party testing is the best way to accomplish this.

What Do Third-Party Labs Test For?

Third-party labs test for contaminants and potency. This ensures that products don’t contain harmful chemicals, while also ensuring the efficacy of the product.

At Method, we test the whole flower, derivatives, and edibles for a broad spectrum of attributes including the presence and concentration of cannabinoids that include THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBDA. Testing should also detect the presence of harmful microbes, pesticides, and chemical solvents.

How Do You Choose a Third-Party Testing Lab?

One of the things we’ve seen through our years of experience in all different facets of the cannabis industry is that there are different levels of standards and service at different labs. Some labs work to improve your business, some labs make it harder to do business, and some labs are less-than-scrupulous. This can impact your customers and, ultimately, your reputation and your bottom line. Our goal was to create a third-party lab that works hand-in-hand with our customers, because we knew exactly what we wanted from a lab when we were in your shoes. Method Testing Labs is recognized across the state of Florida and the nation, on sites like 10Buds, as a leader in cannabis and hemp testing.