Our Professional Services Include


  • Guaranteed Three Day Service for full panel testing once the sample is received at the MTL laboratory. Research and Develop sample service within 12-24 hours.
  • For Hemp customers, MTL can provide Nationwide overnight carrier transport.


  • Highest Standards
    MTL is an accredited, certified, and licensed Cannabis and Hemp testing laboratory. We use the highest standard for Hemp sample testing including California and Florida.
  • Extensive Quality Assurance
    Our laboratory is outfitted with all new Agilent laboratory instruments and backed by proven methodologies that have been extensively validated, proficiency tested, and verified by third parties.


  • Experienced Representatives
    MTL assigns experienced service representatives that know your business. Our customer service representatives have deep knowledge of cannabis, hemp, and laboratory operations. Each CSR goes through extensive quality training to serve you.
  • Digitally-Enabled Transparency
    Advanced digital laboratory and customer technology systems provide seamless communications, tracking, and testing results for your business. All samples are tracked through the testing process and can be accessed through the customer portal or notifications can be requested. A patient portal provides easy access through a QR code for all Certificates of Analysis. Transparency is our business.

Cannabis and Hemp
Laboratory Services

Comprehensive services for cultivator and production facilities specializing in analytical testing for flower, derivatives and edibles.
Analytical testing for key cannabinoids
Analysis of terpene profiles
Screening heavy metal elements
Screening for pesticides and herbicides
Analytical testing for metabolites
Analyze chemical residues from extraction production process
Compliance testing for microorganism and bacterial contaminants
Comprehensive analytical support for Cannabis and Hemp cultivators and production facilities
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